What are the root causes of ED and how can drug help in it

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder and that is related to non-erection of the penis. You went to a doctor for the treatment of the same and he recommended you nothing but given you a list of tests that you will be conducting. He has prescribed you Cenforce 100 Generic Viagra after finding that you are not having any big issues with your heart. On interrogation, he narrated to you that, it is very much important to know the root cause of the ailment, in order to guide the treatment in a proper way. The drug’s dosage will then be revised, and he would be recommending you other things too. 

Now you are wondering why so many blood tests are being referred and what can because of the ailment. To be practical, your doctor is very much correct. There are different causes of ED and the recommendation of doctor changes with those causes too. Hence finding out the root cause of the ailment is very much essential. However, you reached this article, since you are searching for the major causes. Hence they are here for you – 

The major factor of ED 

ED, although a sexual disorder, is not like the other diseases of the same kind. No hormonal issues, no internal issues are here to cause your ailment. Rather there remains a simple thing for your ailment and that is related to the less blood flow to the veins of your penis. When you are going to have your intercourse, your brain gives a message and that message helps the heart to pump more blood to the penis that causes erection. However, for some reason or other, here the excess blood is not pumped in. 

The Vidalista 20 has been recommended to you for this very reason. This is the drug that floats and pumps extra blood to your veins and hence cures your ailment. But the treatment is not complete with only this drug. There are lots of reasons for which your blood is not pumped into the penis and it is to find out that reason that your doctor has recommended the tests. As he will get the test report, he will understand the root cause for your less blood pumping and will then recommend you in likewise manner. 

To be very much responsive to your question, there are two major reasons for your low blood pumping and hence you’re ED – 

  • Mental issues 
  • Physical issues

Mental issues 

Out of the mental issues, there are not a single but four intermediate reasons and all the reasons are very much strong enough to cause your ED. 

Stress in daily life 

It can be due to your pressure at the workplace and can be in your family too. In each of the cases, you will be entrusted with immense force and that would ultimately block the sense reading capacity of your brain. Eventually, due to the same, you will face no syndrome at all and your brain will not be sending any message for extra blood pumping for the penis, causing you ED. 

Lack of Sleep 

If you are fighting with insomnia or sleeplessness for some restless feelings of immense workload, in all the cases, your brain will react slowly and will be unable to perceive the messages for your extra blood circulation requirement, causing ED for you. However, Vidalista 20 can support you here, but you will also be recommended some sleeping peels by your doctor too, in some intense cases. 

Distance from Sex 

Everything in our body is a habit and it is habit that helps the brain to make the normal routine life. Hence if you are staying away from sexual intercourse for a long time, the result of the same will be faced by your brain too, causing you ED. The good news here is that you can get the treatment here by having Fildena 100 alone. 

Attachment to Pornography

This is a very genuine case these days and the treatment of such patients also remains a challenge for the doctors. These patients make their brain tuned to such pornographic scenes and make it feel that only for those scenes excess blood flow will be flown to the penis. Hence in normal life, he cannot find the erection, as the brain is not processed like that. Treatment of the same is very much intense and rigorous and long-time taking too. 

Physical reasons 

Among the different physical reasons the topmost are – 

Addictions to food and beverages 

Addiction to alcohol puts a sulphate layer on the blood and the veins, and addiction to tobacco makes the same with nicotine layer. Hence if the tests suggest that these are the vulnerable reasons for your ED, you will have to quit them for Vidalista 20 to act upon you. 

In case you are attached with glucose-based or fat-based items and the test report suggests that you are having excess such component in your blood and hence you are finding ED, then there is no other option than to go for dieting. 

Excess rest

 While no rest is a big issue for your ED, excess rest is also an issue for the same. Now a physical activity is one of the biggest reasons for obesity and for ED too. In such cases along with Tadacip, you will also have to go for some workouts. 

Previous ailments

Some cardiac issues or some other ailments like diabetes are also the cause for your ED. In case of diabetes, you will be treated that first and then recommended Aurogra Pills, but in the case of cardiac issues, you might not be recommended any such drugs, and in such cases treating your ED really becomes tougher.